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Transformer for Printing Industries

Avail finest quality Transformer for customers relating to printing industry at New Gold. Usually, transformers are vital electrical item, which provides high flexibility to mounted three layers collectively. Such transformers are directly connected to the mains in the system and regulate voltage in the inverter. It adds more benefits such as lower down high voltage supply in the device, reduced surge current, control dv/dt, reduced motor noise and temperature, increased transistor’s life and many more. We offer world class transformers for printing industries, where big size printing machines are used to printing works. Such machines include high-grade transformers, which control power supply and streamline its flow in the machine. The transformers are highly recommended for AC Motors, Servo Drive and AC Drive to input current flow. These electrical product ensure for protection of thruster from higher current, Armature and DC Motors to lower down the high level spark of committer and control in raising maximum current of device. The kind of transformers we offer for printing industry customers that are made of superior raw material and are based on latest technology too. We ensure for flawless working and hassle free performance of transformers for printing industry offered by us. Custom design and specification made transformers are also available at our stop and industry leading prices.


Highly efficiently
Great performance
Voltage controller
Corrosion resistant
Trouble free
Easy installation


Transformers for printing industry is used in printing machines used for coloring pages or sheets in 3D and else. It controls and voltage or current supply in printing machines to give better output of sheet colouring by providing strength to machine for quality printing result.


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