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Three Phase Line Choke

We are manufacturers of three phase line chokes, input & output line choke in Delhi India. Such chokes produce an inductance that is measured in Single Phase & Three Phase drivers or controls extra. The chokes are connected in the mains supply to inverter. Three phase line chokes allows to reduce harmonic that occurs when the main is rectified to create a DC link. The electrical product also help to reduce extra current drawn by inverter or other devices. Besides, such product helps to target input rectifier due to main’s problem. However, harmonics can cause earlier failure of input rectifier and phase correction capacitors. Such chokes are harmonic compensated and IGBT compatible.


Increases Drive System Reliability
Filters Power Line Disturbances
Reduces Harmonics
Reduces Surge Currents
Reduces dv/dt
Extends transistor life
Reduces Motor Noise and Temperature
Reduces voltage doubling effects
Absorbs Power Line Spikes

It protects to AC Drive
It protects to Servo Drive
It protects AC Motors to reduce starting currents.
It protects DC Motor Armature that reduces the high spark of committer.
It protects thruster from peek current.
It protects raising of maximum current for device.

Input Line Choke
Shri Guru Nanak Electricals Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier in input line choke. We offer them in a wide range like Three Phase Line Chokes, 3 Phase Line Choke, Small Line Chokes, and Single Phase Line Chokes. These chokes we offer has the best distinct features in them. They reduce power supply, reduce overall input current to the drive, durable, stable, reliable etc. They have been in huge demand from the clients due to the features they enhance. Our input line choke are made from the most innovative technology, by a team of professional who use the latest techniques.

Output Line Choke
As one of the well noted manufacturer and dealer in output line choke, we offer the best quality product of these chokes. These output line choke will help in the reduction of peak voltage, raise the rise time, reduce stress applied to motors and prevent any kind of damages. The line choke we offer have been used for the protection of motors and different frequency drives. We have been in this field for a very long time, and our products are well acknowledged.

Three Phase Line Chokes
Shri Gurunanak Electricals are ISO certified and CE approved company.
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Manufactured by: Shri Gurunanak Electricals Pvt. Ltd
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