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Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer


We offer finest quality Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, which function correctly and restrict to damage the device. Such stabilizers work effectively for machines like PLC machine, CNC machines and at fields like factories, showrooms, and residential electrical control. These stabilizers give outstanding performance even under conditions of unbalanced voltage


  • Stabilizer has fast rate of correction up to 20 to 60v/as option.
  • It gives response time of 10 milliseconds.
  • Stabilizer gives automatic or manual operation from Panel control.
  • Baser on low and high voltage limits.
  • Mode of System: Fully Automatic / Manual.
  • Without noise or transient generated by the system due to isolated servo drive and hassle free operation.
  • Every unit is ‘sock tested’ trouble free operation.
  • It gives reliable and consistent performance.
  • Stabilizer has efficiency upto 98%
  • It has built-in digital metering for measurement of voltage, current, frequency, if required.



  • This stabilizer has steady, quick and accurate voltage correction strength. It provides with constant output voltage, despite of having load current variations. The stabilizer gives balanced output voltage, irrespective to input dis-balance. The device has overall energy saving capacity upto 98 % efficiency. Operational features include additional metering , surge suppression. voltage cut-off Low & High Voltages overload protection, by MCCB or MCB, Single phase prevention, bypass of servo with main Line, audio-visual alarms, Oil filling exclusive or as per customer direction charge extra. This device increases life of your equipment and reduces heating.


Supply System Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Range Rating
Single Phase

Three Phase

170-270 V

140-270 V

110-260 V

360-480 V

340-480 V

300-480 V


220 or 240 V

380 or 415 V

5 KVA to 100 KVA

30KVA to 1000 KVA Air Cooled Execution


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