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1 Hp – 200 Hp 3 Phase Line Filter


Rated Current: 5AmP 250AmP
Maximum Operating Voltage (50 Hz to 60Hz)
Dielectric Withstand Voltage (5 thousands Voltage)
Line to Line: 1,700 VDC
Line to Ground: 2,250 VDC


Our best offered 3 Phase Line Filters are made of good quality raw material. These filters are used in power electronic products. We provide with this line filter having capacity ranges from 1 HP- 200 HP. This 3 phase line filter is also sensitive to electronics and make them less susceptible to electrostatic discharge, surges, and high voltage and current fluctuations. We offer such filters that meets all international standard quality and technical strength. Custom specifications and modern design made phase line filters are available through us.

NEWGOLD offers following 3 phase EMI filters (5 Amp to 250 amp three phase).

NEWGOLD series includes 3 phase ENI filter (1 Amp to 50Amp single phases).

Applications of 1 Hp – 200 Hp 3 Phase Line Filter
Typical applications of these EMI filters are in three-phase and Single phase industrial drives, controllers, frequency converters and industrial machine tools. Some more applications of this filter include industrial power supplies, UPS or inverters, CNC Drive control, computer system (mainframes MRIs and X-Ray equipment, Heavy duty industrial equipment and many more.


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